Have I reinvented the wheel?

Definitely: NO! I also only boil with water and with my worksheets I treat the same topics as many others. Of course, I try to incorporate my expertise from what is now three decades as an educator. The educational approach is with me in every worksheet. I also hope that the worksheets are all lovingly designed by me.

Here comes the reason why you should buy my worksheets!

From my practice, I know how tedious it can sometimes be to get all the materials together for a topic or activity. That was ultimately the reason why I started KitaFix. 

Worksheets were and are a dime a dozen, but getting good quality educational worksheets on a specific topic was and still is quite tedious. Most books are always oriented to a task. So there are enough books on swing exercises or paint-by-numbers, and so on. But books full of worksheets on a very specific topic were and still are quite few.

The search is over! With the KitaFix worksheets, you always get 50 worksheets with a wide variety of tasks on a very specific topic.

Task examples:

    • Fine motor skills/graphomotor skills
    • Logical thinking
    • Painting
    • Painting by numbers
    • Mandala
    • Matching objects
    • Spatial thinking
    • Numbers and counting
    • Cutting exercises
    • Swing exercises
    • etc.

With me, you do not buy the cat in the bag. For each book with worksheets, there is a reading sample of the entire content. So you can easily assess whether my worksheets are right for you. 

I also strongly encourage you to copy the worksheets from the books for your work in the facility, so you can use them over and over again.

Even better yet, download the worksheets as PDF files to print out! This saves money, time, and paper.