Coloring Book

Always 111 motifs – always suitable for the topic!

I would not have to say more about my coloring books. Matching each topic, I have selected 111 motifs for you and partly drawn myself. Believe me, after I gathered hundreds of motifs for the already published coloring books: It is often not so easy to find a matching motives for a topic both educationally and visually appealing coloring pages.

This work I save for you with my KitaFix coloring books!

The real coloring book!

Certainly, you might think that the choice of coloring book and the motifs contained therein is rather secondary. But this is not the case! Especially in preschool and kindergarten, a coloring book should also meet certain requirements.

It should

  • not contain (“creep”) advertising for characters or products, for example.
  • contain motifs that fit the current topic.
  • offer a certain variety in terms of motifs, but also in terms of the design of the motifs.

During the preparation of my coloring books, I have taken these points of view as a basis. 

The coloring books are only available as a PDF file to print or as a book at AMAZON and not in bookstores!